Do you realise many treatment facilities are charging clients for collection of IT waste and selling on equipment at huge margins?
We take the logistical hassle out of this complete process and present financial opportunities.

At Seven Sixty Logistics, we act as a conduit between the end user and the processing plants located here in the UK. As a WEEE authorised broker we are licensed to collect IT waste and store at our secure warehousing facility in Reading.

Our market experts then evaluate the IT equipment returned and sort into true waste streams and saleable items.
A full report is then produced and sent to the client with commercial values of saleable equipment together with the costings for the processing of non-saleable equipment. Any equipment that is agreed and deemed as saleable would be reset with passwords and any confidential information fully erased and tested prior to sale so carries no risk to the client. We would simply purchase the complete consignment, saleable and non-saleable through a single invoice and deal with the processing plants directly, taking away the need for further paperwork and logistics issues freeing up your time and productivity.


1. Client has identified surplus/redundant I.T. assets

2. Onsite evaluation or list of equipment sent through

3. Confirmation that the consignment has commercial value

6. Equipment collected under license and returned to our secure warehousing facility in Reading

5. Thorough evaluation of consignment and overall market values obtained

4. Client agrees value and complete consignment purchased through a commercial invoice, payments are made into the clients’ account next working day

7. Seven Sixty Logistics clears any confidential data of saleable equipment, tests and resells

8. Seven Sixty Logistics processes identified WEEE waste through our network of authorised ATF Facilities

9. Certificates of destruction and data wiping certificates obtained and sent back to the client

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